About Us

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GingerTek (formerly SimplTek) was started in 2013 as a way to help out college students with their tech-related issues, but eventually it grew to a freelance business to provide services for various computer and graphic design needs.

Who started it?

Jeremy Moormann is an IT Professional currently working as a Software Automation Engineer at the Christian Broadcasting Network. While attending Regent University to get his B.S. in Information Systems, Jeremy found a passion for helping his fellow students out by fixing their computers and providing "tech support" for various computer-related issues.

As he moved through his degree, he evolved his passion into a side-business under the name JPM Tech. Upon graduating, Jeremy changed the name to SimplTek, and for a while continued doing freelance work for different companies and individuals in the area.

Why the recent name change?

Unfortunately, due to the unfortunate introduction of the term "simp" as a fast-spreading colloquialism, the name was changed once more to GingerTek to disassociate from the term.